My Story

Dear Clients & Guests,

As a little girl, I was fascinated with hair and its power to transform a lady, not only aesthetically, but spiritually and emotionally. I saw my beloved grandmother beam with confidence and joy each week as her dedicated stylist attended to her with great respect and care. On one fateful day, grandma’s stylist was unavailable and she was concerned about attending church as not her glowing, divine self. It was then that grandma finally allowed my “debut” . She entrusted her femininity to me…a 13-year old with dreams of becoming a stylist one day!Attending beauty school was not only inevitable but fulfilled my yearning to formalize my skills that would allow me to help transform women into stunning examples of my passion, talent and expertise while empowering women to celebrate and embrace their inner and outer beauty,We live in a busy and complex world. Women are taking on more roles today than ever. I am committed to being respectful, accessible to all women and listening and personalizing my approach to meet each one’s desired beauty outcome….revealing their most confident and beautiful self. I remain inspired each day…….remembering the smile on my grandmother’s face always….my first client.Please don’t hesitate to contact me (TANGELA) if you have any questions.

I can be reached at coutureweaveboutique@gmail.com.

Our Non-Profit:


After seeing a full-figure woman waste away to ninety-eight pounds while undergoing Chemo and losing her hair, eyelashes, and skin coloring, I realized that the provision of beauty treatments to add enjoyment and optimism to one’s life while fighting cancer is a commended benefit. Thus, for eighteen (18) months I have built the basis for Rebuilding Every Moment to serve women and men fighting the ravages of cancer. I observed the results of beauty benefits as I provided these services for my mother for eight years and saw how she felt pretty again.

I am a licensed hair stylist who has also trained stylists and owned a hair salon. After seeing the many women and men fighting cancer I decided to provide a beauty niche for cancer fighters. Having an awareness of the numerous cancer organizations focusing on the cure and support of the illness through education, groups, meetings and race/walk events it seems only fitting to have a business that provides an additional uplift to the cancer fighters.

Rebuilding Every Moment is to be structured as an LLC service business in a population of 3.5 million cancer fighters who can enjoy the services of manicures, pedicures, life-like eyelashes, custom blended make-up and custom wigs. We are focusing on building partnerships with hospitals, treatment centers, and convalescent homes. Los Angeles, California has a Cancer Support Community at the Benjamin Center which united the Wellness Community and Gilda’s Club (Gilda Radner supporters). The Community offers classes in nutrition, various exercise methods, spirituality and social groupings. Our mission is to add the culture of beauty to the equation.

Rebuilding Every Moment focuses on the provision of monthly beauty services to cancer fighters by providing mobile membership service to the clients. Basic service consists of manicure, pedicure, eyelash treatments, and custom blend make-up for $125 per month for two sessions. Custom wig membership fees range from $300 – $500 and include the basic service. The competition for this service is the Beauty Bus mobile unit which offers a one-time service call. We expect that there may be other competitors such as the cancer fighter’s personal beauty servers; however, as each one of these persons expects payment which would exceed our fees and the mobile unit is a “one stop shop” the patient’s would want to eliminate the stress of paying more and traveling to so many places.

As the business of beauty is slated to be a $493 billion industry by 2017 rising 3.3% from its present income status we expect this concept to grow in interest and customers. In view of the fact that many women and men show pride in being, this business will meet the needs of those who become devastated by their illness and diagnosis. Our aim is to operate the business with a two-fold mission of providing service to those able to afford the services for the fee and providing the services to low income persons through grants written for this population. The marketing of beauty is welcomed and prevalent so partnering with the Cancer Support Community is a plus. We will provide a website, business cards, brochures, and utilize Constant Contact, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for marketing to this population segment. It’s true what they say, you can’t die from a bad haircut, but you can live from a great one!

Tangela Ridgeway